Author of Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master: A Yogi’s Autobiography. The exorcised person is said to be free of the spirit and comes back to normal once. – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Apprenticed to a Himalayan Mast – Sri M. Stream Author’s Audio Reading – Chapter 50 – Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master (A Yogi’s Autobiography) by Sri M speaks from desktop or.

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I enjoyed every moment of this book, specially book catch your attention from first page itself, if you have vibration of spirituality in you only for those sense.

Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master by Sri M

The small gate was open. Meanwhile, I explored the not so large cave. It happened like this. He will go a long way if he practises daily.

Thank you Guruji for bringing up this wonderful Spiritual book that helps a true seeker to attain Mukthi. That is the goal of all prayer, meditation and spiritual practice, as well as all religions.

These rooms were abandoned class rooms of many years ago, and with the passage of time, had become dilapidated. The old woman was moving her face closer to mine.

As I walked towards the bus stand, I could see the Vive- kananda Rock far away, washed repeatedly by the waves of too three seas. Although I found myself unable to share the extraordinary experience that I had had, the image of those loving eyes never left my heart.

Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master

The boys started to giggle again. Maybe this is the beginning of your search for God. Even today, wherever I go, I love to sit cross-legged on the dining chair, if the hosts have no objection.


His body was thin, almost skeletal, and his matted hair was wrapped around his head like a strange hat. Babaji stretched forth his right hand, placed it on his head, blessed him and instantly merged into the night.

He stood up naked as ever and ran away. To ask other readers questions about Apprenticed to a Himalayan Masterplease sign up.

Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master by Sri M.

There was plenty of time and I decided to wander a bit. All except one said that they believed in God. Going Back to Trivandrum. What more can I say? In the Veerasana posture, he would sit motionless with eyes open for a long time. It had a lot of photographs of an old man in various postures which I thought were gymnastic exercises.

I am leaving my body soon and there is no Sufi master at this point who is willing to guide you to the next and higher level. Jan 15, Suvasini rated it liked it.

Instantly, the gravity of what he had done a few minutes ago, hit him like lightning. You can contact me at varnam.

The ultra-orthodox Muslim kept away from him for it was against Islamic law to walk around naked. The tea shop owner whis- 57 ffc. I saw a thin, almost skeletal, dark complexioned, naked man with large sunken eyes, long matted hair and a long beard. As he grew older, he went blind and had to be helped around by a young boy who was his disciple.

I first heard of Mai Ma from Mr. There are some scenarios which will be difficult to compreh I brought this book a year ago and for a year it was in my book-shelf. I walked nearly three kilometers.


Since my father never asked me about the books, I presumed that he had not discovered the theft. It was as if someone was tickling my heart with a soft feather.

His emaciated dark body had layers of dirt on it. We discussed quite a few matters informally. This perhaps was the approach the author wanted too for the arcane and priceless knowledge he might have come across might be precious to be imparted in such a common way.

Then, I walked up to Mr. Written in a very simple language, there are some moments where you feel that this is a work of fiction and not an autobiography. I had always apprentced curious about what was kept inside.

I longed to share with him what was happening to me internally almost every night but an inexplicable force prevented me from sharing my experiences with anyone.

I had never seen such penetrating eyes before. In it were pictures of many Hindu deities whose identities were explained to me with great patience.

Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master by Sri M – varnamvarnam

When she smiled her face shone brightly. Seeing that there was no point in hanging around, I walked away and went to the bus stop. He is said to have told his close circle of followers that this was going to be the himalqyan time he would go there. If you will allow me, I shall start at the very beginning.

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