Buy ASME TDP Recommended Practices For Prevention Of Water Damage To Steam Turbines Used For Electric Power Generation: Fossil-fueled Plants. asme tdp 1 sai global store industry standards. Sat, 06 Oct GMT asme tdp 1 sai pdf – Asme tdp 1 pdf is the first line of defense in. Sat, 06 Oct GMT asme tdp 1 pdf. – Asme tdp 1 pdf is the first line of defense in gigabyte gv-r96pd driver turbine water damage.

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The features may be programmed into the plant control system or may be operator procedures or a combination thereof.

Preventing Turbine Water Damage: TDP-1 Updated

IntheCommittee proposed a revision to this Standard to include information on condenser steam and water dumps, direct contact feedwater heaters, and steam generators. We need your help! The sources treated herein specifically are those found to be most frequently involved in causing damage to turbines.

As a minimum, drain pots shall be used for the ssme lines asmd lines do not require drain pots, but this Standard does not prohibit their use: It should be noted that this drain might aske be sized to handle drainage or warming of the main steam inlet piping leading up to the stop valve.

A poweroperated drain valve shall be installed in this line and shall open automatically upon closure of the block valve in the extraction pipe. These sprays are not effective or normally required for reducing final reheat steam temperature when used at low loads or during turbine rolling.

The maximum flow of water from conditions described in para. The valve may have a power operator to allow remote actuation to be initiated by the operator in the control room. The physical arrangement of instrumentation and heater drain piping shall preclude unnecessary actuation from level surges during start-up and normal operation.


Water is pumped through the tube side and is heated by turbine extraction steam introduced on the shell side of the heater. Occasionally, small bypass valves are installed around the tube side isolation valves shown in Figs.

Any low points in this piping system, including the header, same be drained to the gland condenser or main condenser using continuous orifice drains.

asmme Water detection and removal features between an extraction steam line and the block valve shall be designed in accordance with this section and the requirements for extraction steam lines.

We need your help to maintenance this website. Motive and extraction steam lines shall be protected from process steam lines with the following features: Actuation of these valves indicates that the heater drainage system described in para.

A power-operated drain valve shall be 3. Drum-type steam generators employ a asem drum to separate steam from the water as it boils in the tubes.

Tpd check valves are normally provided for fast action to limit overspeed due to entrained energy in the extraction system. The high-high alarm is a warning to investigate and shut off the source of water. Poweroperated drain valves, continuous orificed drains, and auxiliary drive turbine above-seat drain valves shall be considered typical.

ASME TDP-1 pdf – Free Download PDF

Because spray control valves are susceptible to leakage, an additional block valve may be installed to provide additional asmf. Precautions shall be taken to prevent water or saturated steam from entering the steam seal system.


Extraction systems shall be designed in accordance with paras. The drain shall be routed separately to the condenser or other receiver that is at condenser pressure.

Preventing Turbine Water Damage: TDP-1 Updated

Therefore, at least two [paras. In addition, a warming connection, either separate or using existing drains, shall be located on each motive hdp branch at the steam turbine inlet just before the steam turbine stop valve.

A contact heater that is especially designed to remove noncondensable gases is termed a deaerator.

The practices address damage due to water, wet steam, and steam backflow into a steam turbine. These requirements are intended to represent a conservative design for protection from water induction. These drain valves shall have control room indication of open and closed positions.

Where applicable, the valves shall be operated from the control room and determined to open and close properly by observing control room indicating lights. This is necessary to avoid or minimize injection of large, and potentially damaging, quantities of water into the steam turbine exhaust.

ASME TDP-1 2013.pdf

In the most common configuration, down exhaust steam turbines discharge into condensers located beneath the turbine. Normally, a condenser also serves to collect the condensate into a hotwell to supply the condensate system. Steam seal lines are not considered to be motive steam lines and aske covered in para. Operators who can readily detect the presence of water can isolate the water from the turbine and dispose of it, thus preventing damage to the steam turbines.

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