This manual contains installation and operation procedures for the following Page 3 . Considerations for Safe Operation of Your Biodex Multi-Joint System. Records 16 – 44 This manual covers operation procedures for the following Biodex .. Biodex Multi-Joint System 3, Rev 2 or higher, with the proper hardware. Bi doex. User Guide the Biodex for the next instruction which will be to press start the Biodex for the next instruction The PC will load the System 3 y software.

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With patient remaining in chair, slide chair away from dynamometer. Rotate Wrist attachment so handgrip faces up do not remove.

Rotate dynamometer biodrx 20 degrees. They should not be used during test session. NEW Upper extremity attachments for hemiparetic patients. After a 5-second pause or when any mode button is selected, the system exits syste, attachment selection procedure. This adjustment is important because it allows you to personalise your. To remove or insert either Heel Cup, depress the Heel Cup Release Buttons and slide the cup into or out of the footplate attachment from the toe end.

The other heel cup isdesigned with a low, wide, plastic support for patients wearing shoes. Attach Wrist attachment to dynamometer. Always reset range of motion limits or press Setup when proceeding from one joint, subject, or attachment to another. The dynamometer Foot Pedals allow the dynamometer to sysetm along thetravel in a horizontal plane left or right of the positioning chair.


The Biodex System Controller front panel left and rear of unit right. Be sure to loosen the seat locking knob when adjusting the height of the seat or the biodwx of the seat back.

Office Workstation Checklist Can the workstation be adjusted to ensure proper posture by Yes No adjusting knee and hip angles to achieve comfort and variability supporting heels and toes on the floor or.

To adjust the degree of fixed ankle flexion, pull out on the footplate rotation pin and rotate the footplate in accordance with patient protocol. Order docking clamp with Rotate dynamometer to 30 degrees on opposite side.

BIODEX SYSTEM 3 PRO MANUAL ( # 8 3 5 – 0 0 0 ) Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

The isokinetic mode may be used at bi-directional sytem to stress either the abductors or adductors i. All rights reserved Version: The cushion level selected is displayed in the window immediately to the right of the button.

Injuries to health may result from incorrect or excessive training.! After proper height is established, biocex secure the locking handle.

Permits rotation of the dynamometer on a vertical plane allowing the shaftaxis to tilt upward or downward from the horizontal position. Rotate chair to 75 degrees.

It has been found that most ACL injuries occur during deceleration. Owner s Operator and Maintenance Manual.

To limit eccentric quadriceps, set the toward limit. Benefits of System 4: The principal purpose of this control is to guard against moving the subject into a portion of therange of motion that, for any reason, is contraindicated. Use with Quick-Set configuration. Press the Start button. In the Table of Contents, you More information.



Read, understand and complete the steps in order before operating. Shoulder Exercises Phase 1 1. This safety feature allows the clinician to control the dynamic parameters of the exer- cise mznual test.

Many times injuries occur at the ankle secondary to eccentric loading to failure. Isometric Mode General Instructions 1. The seat may be raised or lowered with the subject seated. Rotate chair to 0 degrees opposite position. Once the T-bases have been assembled and all bolts have been tightened, slide the dynamometer to one side and note if there is any rocking of the T-bases. Secure attachment locking knob.

System 4 Quick-Setâ„¢

It is suggested that the clinician try the setups presented herein before attempting any setup improvisations especially for testing applica- tions.

Have you considered adding lengthened state eccentric training to your current hamstring program? Modes of Operation 3. Always set new limits when testing a new subject or moving from one joint to the next. Ask the subject to apply opposing concentric force against the pad or strap.

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