Twenty-six bivoltine silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) genotypes were tested along with two check varieties (NB 4 D 2 and SH 6) for their performance. PDF | On Feb 27, , Zafar Iqbal Buhroo and others published Rearing Performance of Some Popular Bivoltine Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.). multiplication of silkworm breeds st P4lP3lPZ leaels and maintenance of . The bivoltine silkworms produce cocoons with high raw silk recovery and bivoltine.

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This is because their bodies are too big and heavy for their small wings.

After harvesting the cocoons, all the cocoons should be spread in thin layer in well aerated places. Resumption of feeding the rearing bed is done only after all the larvae come out of moult.

Improper or no disinfection of mountages. Why chawki mulberry leaf should have more mol ture content? These worms can be weighed once and note. When loose eggs are incubated and brushed in crowded conditions, the larvae hatched from the lower side of the eggs enter the empty egg shells by crawling and later they sillworm not come out of the shells due to the presence of bristles on the larval body.


Fly proof doors and windows 5. Moist leaf can be fed provided good ventilation in the rearing house is available. The farmers who do not have comb can keep the mountage upright wilkworm. The newly hatched silkworm larvae have low water content the body. Children’s book with lots of photos.

After cleaning the floss, arrange the card board randomly and pile up on vinyl sheet card board on one sheet. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bombyx mori.


Mature worms release softer faecal matter. The growth and cocoon silkwofm of silkworms fed on leaves of different mulberry varieties were studied at different seasons.

CSR hybrid rearing requires separate rearing house where proper disinfection can be done and there is good cross-ventilation facility. When the larvae are preparing for moult, their appetite will reduce and the body becomes shining. Kraig Biocraft Laboratories [12] has used research from the Universities of Wyoming and Notre Dame in a collaborative effort to create a silkworm that is genetically altered to produce spider silk.

If the rearing temperature is maintained lower than optimum and if the larvae become physiologically inactive, feeding period prolongs and growth becomes retarded. The larvae then prepare to enter the pupal phase of their lifecycle, and enclose themselves in a cocoon made up of raw silk produced by the salivary glands. A novel spiro-heterocyclic compound identified by the silkworm infection model inhibits transcription in Staphylococcus aureus. Free circulation of air inside the rearing house.

When density of mounting is more. Generation wise mean performance for reeling of HH12 is presented in Table 7. How much quantity of bed disinfectant is required for dfls and when to apply? What are the different methods of mounting and which one is most suitable? If the mountages does not rotate all the worms move upward and make cocoons in upper portion of the mountages.

Worms reduce the appetite. About 2, to 3, cocoons are required to make a pound of silk 0. Why germ free environment is required for chawki rearing? So the experiment was modified in such a way that with every alternate generation from F6 onwards to F12 both high temperature lines were brought to room temperature conditions and reared continuously till spinning to recoup the lost vitality under stress conditions.


While harvesting the cocoons from rotary mountages by harvester few cocoons are damaged, how to avoid it?

Keeping in view of the above mentioned importance, the current study was conducted to investigate the effect of different mulberry varieties and rearing seasons on larval growth and economic traits of Bombyx mori. However, polyvoltine races reared in tropical countries are known to tolerate slightly higher temperature [ 5 ], which is also true with crossbreeds, that have been evolved specially for tropical climate.

It is always advisable to mount the matured worms only. The average shell weight was ranged from 0.

Bombyx mori – Wikipedia

Easy to eliminate defective eggs and ensure good hatchability. Often, the silkworm itself is eaten. The matured worms always tend to move upward.

By using humidifier in the chawki rearing room. The mulberry plants are cultivated both in tropical and temperate countries of the world.

Psyche: A Journal of Entomology

Care should be taken to avoid the ants and other predators. He also promoted Ahimsa silkwild silk made from the cocoons of wild and semiwild silkmoths. Though, this hybrid was authorized by Central Silk Board for commercialization, large-scale testing in the field is yet to take sllkworm due to its low productivity.

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