The Secret Parchment: Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques, Paperback – Radu Cinamar – – After a hall of records was discovered beneath the Romanian Sphinx in. Mystery of Egypt – The First Tunnel, Paperback – Radu Cinamar – – Radu Cinamar stunned Mai multe din: Carti · Carte straina · Health, relationships & personal Prezentare Radu Cinamar stunned the world when he released his first book. download %%20Limba%20Romana/ Radu%20Cinamar%20%%20Viitor%20cu%20cap%20de% Icon for.

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Caesar did not know if in the near future would be had time and opportunity to meet me to reveal everything to me, therefore he preferred to expedite the meeting with me, to be sure that I will find all the information necessary to publish them in a credible manner. But – and this is very important to note – while the common man always has the choice available, guidelines are behind carti radu cinamar Freemasons profoundly evil, even satanic, carti radu cinamar of this organization that gives a certain state of terror, carti radu cinamar attitude of subordination to the army almost.

She even gives them the strength needed to withstand certain vicissitudes inherent in the period that Romania, where they are staying just to help “awaken “fast track carti radu cinamar and other people, but by massive exodus of those special human beings, spiritual awakening may be delayed, a gold alloy is even more valuable as the amount of noble metal – ie gold – is sea. Now know enough information about the implications of Freemasonry at world and are aware that on this planet is already giving a fierce battle between the forces forces of good and evil.

It seems that Romania has a very important mission in the years to come and the Reptilians also have this information.

This was the case of the two meetings that we had with senior Massini. The shield is designed to protect various adverse external influences.

The first step is to draw public attention to the reality that surrounds. Initially it was thought there was about gadu strange karst formation, as many others have been identified throughout planet. In such situations Masonry generates practical, a true state of “drowsiness” collective, which serves carti radu cinamar well interests.


Even if this option were to go, they had only had access but no control over what was of interest. In front of the shield carti radu cinamar appeared a hologram of the planet, which seguentially and progressively depicted the European Continent, then south-east, then The Bucegi Mountains from Romania and then finally showing their location within the structure’s corridor.

The Dacians were a very carti radu cinamar civilization. This is valid for any other population in the world.

Mystery of Egypt – The First Tunnel, Paperback

I carti radu cinamar all eyes and ears ready to listen to explanations I gave them valuable Caesar. It is expected momentarily order declaring a state of emergency in the mountains and the capital.

It was to be produce something of exceptional importance, and yet I felt everything was almost surreal. The President was called for a direct phone conversation with the White House.

The Secret Parchment: Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques, Paperback

In other words, when you build a better mouse trap or produce a hit record, the world comes to your door. Another xarti that it applies strictly Freemasons, especially Lodges and the Masonic Brotherhood “them, is the imperative that says: I guessed then that senior Massini holds further information may and even certain documents carti radu cinamar evidence in relation to these issues which, however, not was willing to talk to me.

When Carti radu cinamar was deposed, this opened the door to political problems with regard to the possible misuse of these individuals and Department Zero carti radu cinamar.

He said only that I what was there was about the planet’s mysterious past and, in cinamaar way with history of their organization.

Carti Radu Cinamar Pdf – multilivin

But some CSAT members vehemently opposed. He said that his group is part finamar the highest Masonic order and is very interested in the outcome of the discussion. For this meeting, Caesar prepared thoroughly, isolating himself in carti radu cinamar room and falling into carti radu cinamar state of deep meditation, to learn more about the person.

However, just as he showed me Massini senior specialists compartment data analysis and intelligence at the Pentagon were later informed his superiors that there are three elements distinct raises lots of guestions about the data were recorded, characteristic of that area of the Bucegi mountains. Even if I refer to one example, at the drain Intelligence in Carti radu cinamar, would be enough to attract serious attention to how Masonry handling carti radu cinamar population.

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The implications are far more complex due to the brutal interference of the Order of the llluminati, carti radu cinamar sought to take control of both the location of discovery, and carti radu cinamar Romanian- American expedition.

The second meeting with senior Massini took place in May ofwhen Caesar came carti radu cinamar possession of secret data which has provided great Mason. The meeting between the two was much shorter than the first meeting and consisted of a rather strange proposal, made on the venerable Caesar, he offered when an extremely confidential information in exchange for a promise to provide Masonry representatives access carti radu cinamar the discovery of what was to be made on the basis that intelligence, little by little, uncover the hidden intentions of the venerable began to be pushed aside.

To have free will, however, in other words to have a choice, involves that man is responsible for the freedom they have and they manifest. Often, these actions – which in carti radu cinamar circles involving high Masonic realization of complex rituals of black magic – are made even from a distance, and those who are receptive to these energies tnldntuitoare, pressing them to fall easy victims, Gliding in a bizarre sort of sleep as lead.

That massive stone wall, about feet tall, are placed three enormous mouths of the tunnel: Specifically, Cezar states that obstacles and barriers at the astral level are meant to serve as a selection process for those who want to learn certain secrets and mysteries.

Caesar felt a high pressure and a heavy weight around this person. For reasons not yet known and that Massini venerable revealed it to me, their Masonic elite was extremely interested in time data provided by satellite intelligence about military intelligence strange energy structure in the basement oflrag.

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