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Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc. DA is the US Department of the Army Form; its full name is a Supplemental Employment Application. As a supplement to standard application procedure. Fill Da Form , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!.

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Compensation for services will be issued in full for each pay period in a duty status. Prior to the end of the probationary period, a determination will be made whether to retain that employee as a supervisor or to return the employee to a nonsupervisory position that is no lower in grade or payband and pay than 333-1 one held prior to appointment to the supervisory or managerial position.

They will perform jobs that do not require military incumbents by reasons of law, training, security, maintenance of morale, or discipline, and rotation or combat readiness.

Service Unavailable

When a recruitment or relocation incentive is paid, a written service agreement must be completed by ca employee covering a period of at least 6 months following the requirement published in 5 CFR When the effective date of two personnel actions are the same, the actions will be processed in the order giving. The NAF locality supplement is the rate of pay used to offset the reduction of nonforeign area COLA in areas authorized to receive the entitlement.

Commanders will support EEO programs and goals and ensure personnel actions are not based on discriminatory practices and actions. Such taxes should be withheld for those forj elect to retain their PRA status. If it is decided to participate in the tip-offset plan and there is a labor organization that has exclusive recognition, implementation must be negotiated with the labor organization.

Duration of waiting periods. Tours of duty for RFT and RPT employees will be scheduled and posted 2 weeks in advance and will cover a period of at least 1 administrative workweek.

Records of exceptions must be retained and be available for audit for a 2—year period. Additional guidance for classifying jobs to the correct payband level is contained in DODI No advance notice is required prior to effecting the separation action.

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Certain States have laws that restrict the tip-offset or prohibit the offset entirely, in which cases those laws must be followed. Employment in a civilian position, regardless of the grade of the position, of retired military members of the Armed Forces of the United States by a DA NAFI within days immediately following retirement requires prior approval of the garrison commander or equivalent.

When the movement is to a position in another geographic area, the fform must be under a mobility agreement. An employee who is regularly paid night shift differential will continue to receive such differential during period of paid leave, when forn from night work on a holiday, and when in an official travel status during the hours of the regular dx.

When authorized, night differential will be paid at the rate of 10 percent of basic rate for hours of nonovertime work performed between and hours.

Applications may be accepted from military personnel prior to separation or retirement for consideration with. A retention incentive of up to 25 percent of basic pay may be authorized to RFT and RPT employees in positions without time limitation. Necessary TDY travel costs will be paid for the conduct of official business. Upon discovery of an improper detail the employee must be returned to the position occupied immediately prior to the detail, unless the employee was selected for the higher grade or payband level position under competitive procedures.

Unsatisfactory Performance Actions, page This preference does not apply to the family members of locally hired Federal civilian employees nor to family members of foreign nationals.

The time to answer a complaint will normally not exceed 45 calendar days from the date of filing. Employees have the right to be assisted by a representative, other than a member of their servicing CPAC NAF HRD or other individual with a conflict of interest, in preparing and presenting the classification complaint, which is the initial stage of the appeal system.

A firm employment offer may only be made after completion of pre-employment requirements except as provided for in paragraph 2—15 j.

The excise tax on employers, will be paid on such wages, as follows:. Garrison commanders or equivalent may authorize payment of permanent change of station PCS costs for regular employees. Standard Terms for Nature of Actions, page Employees may be separated from the rolls upon a determination that they have abandoned their positions. Within applicable compensation schedules, NAF employees will receive similar pay treatment commensurate with.


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In the case where an employee can show to the satisfaction of management that the actual amount of tips received. Commanders determine position sensitivity in accordance with DOD Such advance will flrm made in conformance with the procedures in DOD Family members must be given preference in employment when recruiting from an external source for NAF vacancies in foreign areas.

Temporary help service firms may not be used to— 1 Circumvent the recruitment and hiring procedures for a NAF employee. Such separations are not grievable and are taken without prejudice to reemployment. Meal periods during which the employee is entirely free of duty in connection with job requirements may not be considered duty time and the employee may not be compensated for the meal period. This fotm covers an annuity from a NAF Retirement Plan, or from a civil service retirement plan in which the employee elected to remain following movement between gorm systems under 5 USC q and 5 USC n.

The minimum workweek for a RPT employee is 20 hours. Federal Wage System, page When authorized, Sunday premium pay will be paid at the rate of 25 percent of basic rate for all hours of nonovertime, when any part of the scheduled tour of duty is performed on Sunday.

Delegated authority for position classification will follow command policy. The maximum number of hours for which Sunday pay may be authorized is 8 hours per Sunday. An eligible employee will receive severance. Priority consideration does not require mandatory placement of the candidate. Army of this Web site or the information, products, or services contained therein. Child and youth schedule changes. The notice will inform the employee of the right to appeal the following:.

Priority placement only applies to positions in the same NAF activity where a candidate was separated by BBA see para 10— For foem during probation, see paragraph 2—20 j.

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