Envac is an automatic vacuum waste collection system for the clean and invisible collection of waste from urban areas through pneumatic underground pipes. From a merge: This is a redirect from a page that was merged into another page. This redirect was kept in order to preserve this page’s edit history after its. Pipe system. 8. Can glass and other erosive waste be thrown in an Envac system ? 8. Which material are the pipes made of? 8. Do the streets have to be opened.

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The waste bags fall down into the underground network and are sucked away to the waste collection station at speeds of up to 70kph and over distances as long as 2km from the waste inlets.

System illustrations

The inlets can be customised wnvac suit an sytsem development or streetscape and placed on every floor indoors, in the doorway, at street level or even outdoors. Waste at the collection station is sucked through a cyclone, where it is separated from the transport air. This reduces the amount of heavily polluting waste collection vehicles on the roads whilst creating a safer environment for residents.

Optibag – Optical sorting system Optibag is a fully automated optical sorting system for municipal waste. It then falls down into a compressor where it is compressed and fed into a sealed container.

Lower operation and maintenance costs The initial cost of the investment is offset by lower operation and maintenance costs. Systej products To let the air do all the hard work is an approach Envac adopted in A supply air valve is opened in order to allow air into the pipe system to transport waste from the syatem to ennvac waste collection station.

Hygiene is considerably improved for people in the area and for waste collection operatives, who no longer need to come into contact with the waste. Resource traditionally associated with manually emptying bins can be reallocated and waste collection cycles encac be made more regularly – and for less cost.

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Automatic emptying is governed by a control system in the waste collection station, which is located on the outskirts of the development it serves and linked to the inlets via a network of underground pipes.

The storage valves beneath the inlets are then opened one by one. The transport air is released via a flue after having passed through a series of cleaning filters and silencers.

Stationary vacuum systems The stationary vacuum systems handles waste and recyclable materials. The syztem may be placed at halls and hallways of residential buildings or business premises or outside the premises.

Envac Automated Waste Collection System – Wikipedia

Replacing old-fashioned refuse rooms and bins with underground vacuum technology eliminates the typical problems associated with waste including unpleasant odours and unsightly bins. It also reduces the risk of pests and bad smells. All Envac offices and web sites. It can also be integrated into individual properties and rows of terraces. All Envac offices and web sites.

Bae Bang 13, Seoul, Korea Bang Bae 13, a flagship South Korean regeneration programme, will see over six miles of Envac pipework located underground and within the walls of multiple storey buildings. Also, as the system is underground, nobody needs to come into contact with waste bags or containers.

This system can be installed into large-scale new commercial and residential developments as well as being retrofitted into existing buildings and developments. The system eliminates the problems associated with overfull litter bins.

Users range from households to commercial developments including restaurants and shops. The system eliminates waste collection traffic from the streets.

The City now joins other visionary cities around the world in treating waste collection as a utility and ensuring that AWCS features at the initial planning application stages. Contact us Request an offer or more information from us Contact request Contact us. It makes areas considerably cleaner, reduces carbon emissions and increases the sustainability credentials of the environments in which it operates. No need for collection vehicles As there is no longer any need to manually empty bins, waste collection vehicles no longer need to make frequent visits to the area.

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Movac is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to other mobile collection systems.

All full inlets are then emptied at regular intervals. Each waste type has a container of its own.

It includes a newly-developed chute compactor that allows increased storage capacity, smaller pipe dimension and lower energy consumption. Extending the system to adjacent properties, areas or entire districts is straightforward as envvac pipework can be added on to the existing underground infrastructure.

Stationary vacuum systems

The stationary vacuum systems handles waste and recyclable materials. The customers are municipalities, cities, local authorities as well as private contractors within the waste management sector. The third generation – Movac – has a greater capacity than it’s predecessors and is designed for urban and suburban environments. Better hygiene Hygiene is considerably improved for people in the area and for waste collection operatives, who no longer need to come into contact with the waste.

Waste food creates hygiene risks no matter where it is transported or stored and handling it is a time-consuming, non-profitable process. Take a look at how we work with: Here, the bags are stored temporarily above a closed storage valve. The inlet openings have doors which are easy to open and close. The third generation mobile vacuum system The mobile vacuum system was developed in the late ‘s, primarily for small and medium-sized areas. Users throw their waste into ordinary, readily accessible inlets, which can either be indoors or outside.

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