An article on evaluation of dosage forms. Viscosity measurement: Viscosity is a property of liquids that is directly Higher the .. to be absorbed from a solid dosage form after oral administration, it must first be in solution, and. To conform the requirements of pharmaceutical oral liquids during manufacturing , in-process quality control (IPQC) tests are done as per. at developing oral administrable soft gels (liquid fill). pharmaceutical .. Table No Evaluation parameters of EVG liquid fill formulations.

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From the studies, it can be concluded that VAL liquid filling formulations for soft gels were successfully prepared with in vitro dissolution properties superior when compared to VAL itself. From the overlaid FT-IR spectra as shown in Figure 1it was confirmed that VAL in liquid state was compatible with different excipients used in the formulation. Main Ingredients of elixir are ethyl alcohol, water, glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring agent, syrup and preservatives.

VAL solubility is low in aqueous fluids, especially in gastric fluids its absorption is dissolution rate limited [ 45 ].

Liquid and semi liquid preparations meant for application to the skin. In these emulsions gum acacia, tragacanth, methyl cellulose, saponins synthetic substances and soaps formed from oc bases like sodium, potassium are used as an emulsifying agent. Simple syrup is used a vehicle for most of the linctuses. The formulations were stable up to 6 months without undergoing any degradation.

Journal of Pharmaceutics

Cool it and add more of purified water to make the required weight. Arachis oil is used in some liniments which spread more easily on the skin.

Liquid preparations meant for external application without friction. Viscosity is one of the important parameters which provide vital information during the optimization of the liquid filling formulation for soft gels.


Liquid state forms are meant for internal, parental or external use. As the capsule tends to float in the dissolution medium, sinkers were used. The percent VAL contents were also within the limits and the stability data was given in Table 3 and shown in Figures 7 and 8. The comparative dissolution profile was shown in Figure 5.

Clarity and color change are the most important characteristic features of liquid filling formulations. Comparative in vitro dissolution profile for liquid filling formulations F5, F7, F9, and F Saturated solution of sucrose in purified water, sweet viscous preparations. They are brought in to contact with mucous membrane of the throat and are allowed to remain in contact with it for a few seconds [ 51 – wvaluation ]. This showed that PG in a lower concentration was suitable for dissolution.

When a drug is emulsified its rate of penetration through the skin may get reduced. Liquid filling formulations were prepared using PEGPG as water miscible solvents either alone or in combination, and water or ethanol as vehicle, with and without PVP K 30 and antioxidants. Tolu syrup is preferred in certain cases because of its aromatic odour and flavor [ 39 – 41 ]. However, after 3 months, formulations F7, F8, and F9 containing PVP K 30 and antioxidants, a liuqid change pale yellow color was observed, but no precipitation of drug.

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Material and Methods 2. Drug fill solution was prepared by accurately weighing required quantities of VAL along with various excipients as shown in Table 1. They show extremely low aqueous solubility throughout the physiological pH range, resulting in low and inconsistent bioavailability when administered as solid oral dosage forms.

Liquid Dosage Forms

Generally they contain antibacterial agents, alcohol, glycerin, sweetening agents, flavouring agents and coloring agents [ 54 – 55 ]. Aqueous solutions used for washing the eyes. The consistency and viscosity of the filling formulations were related to each other because both were dependent on the concentration of PVP K In F5, water was replaced with ethanol to evaluate the effect on VAL dissolution. Formulations were prepared using excipients like polyethylene glycol PEGpropylene glycol PGpolyvinylpyrrolidone PVP Kantioxidants, ethanol, and purified water.


It forms the film around the globules in egaluation to scatter them indefinitely ogals the continuous phase, So that a stable emulsion is formed [ 86 – 90 ]. Nasal drops; solutions of drugs that are instilled in to the nose with a dropper.

They contain medicament which have demulcent, sedative or expectorant action. The emulsion should have small globule size and must be sterile.

Table of Contents Alerts. Aqueous solutions with a pleasant taste and odour used to make clean and deodorize the buccal cavity. To receive news and publication updates for Journal of Pharmaceutics, enter your email address in the box below. The dissolution profiles showed that VAL dissolution was influenced by the solvents containing PVP K 30 rather than antioxidants incorporated in the formulation of the fill liquid.

These are generally used for cleaning the ear, softening the wax and for treating the mild infections [ 71 – 72 ]. They are available in monophasic and biphasic forms. The solid particles act as disperse phase whereas liquid vehicle acts as the continuous phase. Liquids, in contrast, generally have better bioavailability and one such liquid dosage form is soft gel [ 2 ].

Viscous liquid and oral preparations that are generally prescribed for the relief of cough.

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