Franz Bardon (1 December – 10 July ) was a Czech occultist and student and teacher of Hermetics. Contents. 1 Life and death; 2 Works. Initiation Into Hermetics; The Practice of Magical Evocation; The Key to the True Kabbalah; The Golden Book of Wisdom; Frabato the Magician. Frabato le Magicien – Franz Bardon. Quantity. This item was added to your cart. View my cart Continue shopping. Add to cart. CAD$

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For in practice he would get into contact with various powers which he would not be able to control and thus he would be in danger of ruining his health. fraabato

Franz Bardon

Bardon expands on this real possibility with the following advice Bardon’s training system is comprehensive. Each of these worlds forms a matrix for the world frabatoo it.

There Votavova indicates that Franz Bardon once told him that he was the incarnation of a fourteen-year-old boy and he was the one who decided to be the spiritual master of Victor Bardon, the boy’s father, who in his desire to become a divine initiate asked in his prayers to know his true Guru, this is how the spirit of Bardon became incarnate in which he would be his only son, through an exchange of spirit unacceptable and impossible both from a spiritual and esoteric point of view.

But knowledge is not yet wisdom. He was born in OpavaAustrian Silesia. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Bardon was rescued by Russian soldiers who raided the camp. An additional fourth work attributed to him by the title of Frabato the Magiciansupposed by many of his students to be a disguised autobiography.

Retrieved from ” https: This book, the third in Bardon’s texts of Hermetic magic, is a practical guide to attainment. This concept is the basis of much of Bardon’s training, which requires developing deficiencies and coming to a proper tetrapolar balance—only then could the initiate progress spiritually.

This damage to the psyche ” Therefore knowledge is mere philosophy, which by itself alone can make a man neither a magician nor a Quabbalist.

Bardon emphasized two points about doing this sort of thing: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Where the akasha is in a sense the world of ideas, it is the mental plane that sets these ideas in motion.

Bardon’s metaphysical system commences with Initiation Into Hermetics and is expanded on in the subsequent volumes. Set in Dresden, Germanyin the early s, the story describes Frabato’s magical battles with the members of a powerful and dangerous black lodge, his escape from Germany during the final days of the Weimar Republicand the beginning of the spiritual mission which was to culminate in his writing a series of classic books on Hermetic magic.


Initiation into Hermetics provides step-by-step instruction in the form of practical exercises. A learned man will be able to say a lot about magic, Quaballah, etc. The Physical exercises stress physical health and development as well as the integration and use of the physical body and physical environment.

Franz Bardon – Wikipedia

The essential and relevant part of the book is the revelation that Franz Bardon was the last reincarnation of the spirit embodied by Hermes Trismegistus, the esoteric creator of Hermeticism and the founder of Freemasonry, who, contrary to what Freemasons think, paid the karma that Generated when he lived as Hermes Trismegistus, because the masonic idea of how the Laws of the Universe work The Law of God or Divine Justice does not correspond to the ideas of Bardon.

Franz Bardon 1 December — 10 July was a Czech occultist and student and teacher of Hermetics. Bardon is best known for his three volumes on Hermetic magic. It is a modern study of direct contact with the universal teachers — the other major works in the field are products of the MedievalRenaissanceand Reformation periods.

Since humans also have three bodies corresponding to their presence in each of the three worlds, severing the link between any two of these bodies will cause the dissolution of the lower forms or death. Hence, as the good deeds of Hermes did not serve as penance or payment of his karma to obtain forgiveness, it is God who forgives and decides the penance or karma to pay and when he will apply it, Hermes paid his karma as Bardon. The program further subdivides each step into three areas — mentalastraland physical — with the intent of developing all areas of the self simultaneously and in a balanced way.

This is an important point, as the power of the magician increases, so his ability to do harm — even unintentionally, increases. This commentary is presented to “explain” why Bardon’s high spiritual level suffered his stay in a Nazi Concentration Camp during World War II, as it was part of the karma of the child from whom he used his body.

In the book published as, [3] an annex like In Memoriam is written by Otti Votavova, who was the Secretary of Franz Bardon and who transcribed the book of Frabato; In that section refer the characters who embodied the spirit of Bardon, among others: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

It also describes sinister occult forces which lay behind the rise of the Third Reich. In magical terms, the book is a practical guide to the proper evocation of and communication with divine entities existing in the atmospheric zones surrounding planets, stars, and moon as well as in the earth itself. Throughout the ages, adepts of every time and place have achieved the highest levels of magical attainment through the understanding of sound, color, number and vibration as embodied in the Kabbalah.

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The astral plane is the next one down and contains maggicien archetypes of the physical world and to some extent the vital energy behind it; the physical world is the lowest of the planes and requires little explanation. These are expressed in the positive and negative aspects of the four elements. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mental exercises begin with simply observing fgabato mind and progress from there, with each subsequent exercise building on the previous.

These four elements make up the sum of all forces and processes in each of the three worlds. These exercises are aimed at developing body, soul and spirit. And because of that, more magical power as a side effect.

This is only a fragment of a manuscript Bardon was working on but never completed. Respect His Laws and in case of sin repent, ask for forgiveness, and pay for the penance ffabato karma that God will impose on us Moment, giving us to choose when it offers us the incarnation of our ld, that is, life. Views Read Edit View history. Humans are considered to be special because they alone are ” tetrapolar “, or inherently containing all four elements, plus the fifth, the Akasha or Divine element.

They then enter a tranceprojecting their consciousness into the sphere of the entity in question, and call it back. What is clear in the light of the information as brought to us by some people source? While some elements of the story are based on Bardon’s real life experience, most of the book was written as an occult novel with much magicienn on the part of Votavova. This article needs additional citations for verification.

In essence, the magician creates an environment hospitable to the entity in the temple or other medium of contact. Bardon outlines a totally new and original hierarchy of magic, magicirn the spirits of the four elements to those of the various trabato, and even to each degree of the Zodiac.

Such things as astral projection are still possible as they only involve loosening the hold between the bodies. Bardon continued his work in the fields of Magicieh until when he was arrested and imprisoned in BrnoCzechoslovakia.

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