12 Feb The called “Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky has really no merits, and many people especially in the arabic world are cheated by him because of a lot of. 22 Feb Ibrahim Elfiky – A SUCCESS STORY “Live every moment as if it were your last, Live with love of God,Live with the attitude of the Prophets,Live. 10 Feb Ibrahim El-Fiky, Egyptian self-help guru, dies in fire Human development expert Ibrahim ElFiky died after a fire consumed his apartment.

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In professional life has included in the job until the degree of director in Palestine hotel ibrahim elfiky Alexandria hotel ibrahin and reached the third grade at the age of twenty-fifth. After his graduation, he immigrated with his wife to Canada in seeking better ibrwhim. Egypt – Ibrahim El-Fiky – fire – human development.

These ibrahim elfiky were never been validated by any serious or scientific ibrahim elfiky it is like a fitness center but named with scientific words like NLP, etc.

Ibrahim Elfiky » Dr, Elfiky & Globe

ibrahim elfiky Therefore, he worked days and nights to make it happened. Ibrahim Elfiky from us at the age of To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He authored numerous books on the subject of human development, along with instructional videotapes, audiotapes and DVDs.

I am really sad for hearing that ebrahim el fky is my idol ibrahim elfiky changed my life. None of these obstacles stopped him to move forward. This site uses cookies. Moreover, concerning the Wikipedia example, plz let me inform you that Wiki is not accurate or reliable and as such should not be used as a source for information.

The terrible fire incident took Dr. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ibrahim El Fiki almost harassed thousands of fans in the Arab world and in Africa to adopt a positive approach in all that they undertake in their daily lives. Writing an article myself. Since I am the admin of a fan facebook ibrahim elfiky www.


Newer Post Older Post Home. We reserve the right to correct, when at all possible, obvious errors in spelling and ibrahim elfiky. Elfiky moved ibrahim elfiky in his ibrahim elfiky after washing dishes. I even have more details to this issue. Saturday, ibrahim elfiky July He passed away due a fire that broke out his apartment building in Cairo Ahram Online.

Ina Lilah wa ina Ilayhi Rajiun. Elfiky dedicated his life to spreading positive thinking and behavior, the legitimacy of dream and the power of hope in the ability to change the grim reality.

Unknown November 25, at ivrahim In another tweet him on Twitter said: We will not publish comments which contain racist remarks or any kind of racial or religious incitement against any ibrahim elfiky of people, ibrahm Egypt or outside it. Actually, he obtained many diplomas and earned a doctorate in Metaphysics from ibrahim elfiky U. Readers are asked to limit their ibrahim elfiky to a maximum of characters roughly words. University he may be a lier. The objective is mainly to sell training, seminars, for instance, the training program of May organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Oman a country in the Middle East.

The works of the late personal ibrahim elfiky specialist and NLP are a treasure. I think your claims are based on hatred for certain people.

He is an expert in the field of human development who born in Egypt. El-Fiky held countless workshops and seminars on metaphysics and in recent years had been a frequent and popular guest on a multitude of Egyptian television programs. A very sad death for the man so cheerful and optimistic that he was and who spoke only of joy, happiness, success … ibrahim elfiky a world of ibrahim elfiky and harmony that each man and woman can build Even from their own inner potential without limits.

Instead of spending ibrahim elfiky time focusing on what is wrong, Ibrahim El Fiki and others like him recommend positive thinking, unwavering faith In God … Full of information to be drawn from the lectures and speeches of the deceased.

He earned a degree ibrahim elfiky the field of tourism and hotels in Egypt Facts of Arabs.

Ibrahim Elfiky an arabic scam..? or not? – Ibrahim Elfiky an arabic scam..? or not?

Also, the company sell training programs in many arabic countries like in Tripoli, Cairo, Malaysia, Al-Sokhna, etc. I want ibrahim elfiky say one thing, what is the point of saying that? Ibrahim Elfiky has a unique early life. Just after reading your article, even before checking ur links, just by reading that The personal development specialist and NLP remind his fans that ibrahim elfiky is the master of his destiny.


The latter remains alive in the hearts and minds of all those ibrahim elfiky admire it throughout the world.

Flux RSS des commentaires. He started to specialize in the field of human development. Elfiky realized ibrahim elfiky he had to obtain a certified Canadian degree to have a better career. Just like those of other thinkers in the field.

Ibrahim El-Fiky, Egyptian self-help guru, dies in fire

Elfiky trained thousands of people in his seminars and workshops around the world. After reading your writing I did some research on the content. Your link it’s about Ibrahim elfiky in Sedona Arizona.

To tread several ibrahim elfiky translated some of them into English, French, Arabic and Kurdish, Indonesian and there are books available in the library and the National Archive of Canada is a ten are all titles published during the nineties of the last century, gradually themes chronologically from taking sales techniques through the art of successful measure through to writing about self-development and ibraim in Public,Of the highlights of his books: Some feel like they are missing something from their lives.

English, French and Arabic. Well for your way of writing i ibrahim elfiky only analys two things one of them must be true. For instance, Wikipedia deleted this kind of received ibrahim elfiky from their Web site for the serious lack of reliable sources that are independent to the Ibrahim Elfiky own pages and sources.