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1 Jul ISO (E). PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file may. 21 Jun Purchase your copy of ISO as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available. In ISO and ISO more sophisticated hazard criteria were adopted. Finally, these standards allow a classification into hazard levels with.

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The equivalent mass and the equivalence factor, k, of an explosive based on iso 16933 pressure, k por impulse, k v varies at different pressure levels. If present, the location of perforations and indents shall be documented, with their height above the floor of the witness area recorded. Therefore this version remains current.

After the high explosive is armed and all personnel are at a safe distance from the explosive, the explosion shall be triggered.

The test facility shall be situated, and of sufficient size, to safely accommodate detonation of the amount of explosive required to provide the desired peak positive air-blast pressure and positive phase impulse. The second is intended for use with glazing designed to protect against smaller hand- carried satchel bombs. Table 1 — Hazard-rating criteria for arena tests Hazard rating Iso 16933 description Definition A No break The glazing is observed not to fracture and there is no visible damage to the glazing system.

The blast, in particular the impulse, experienced on the face of a test frame is a function of its size. For further information, see Annexes A and B. The peak pressure, P maxof relevance is the resulting smoothed value. The decision to use a blast mat, its size and thickness shall be iso 16933 the discretion of the test director. Any other orientation shall be agreed with the test sponsor in advance of testing and shall be recorded as required in 9.

Nominal charge size and nominal standoff distances iso 16933 of giving the iso 16933 peak pressure and impulse values under certain conditions and when in the reflected orientation are included in Clause Iso 16933.


Approximate free-air equivalence factors, k pk x and iso 16933, for common military explosives are given in Table B.

Such P-t curves resulting from high-explosive blasts generally have a value of the decay coefficient, A, lying between and 4. A higher sampling rate is iso 16933 for the satchel tests.

Optionally, appropriate pressure transducers may also be located within the enclosure behind the glazing to measure the pressure within the protected area during the blast. Your basket is iso 16933.

ISO 16933:2007

The first is intended for use with glazing iso 16933 to protect against vehicle bombs and is based on kg Iso 16933 trinitrotoluene equivalent blasts. Fragments that shall be considered in rating the glazing or glazing system include those generated by the glazing and any other parts of the glazing system not considered to be part of the test facility. The length jso location of any iso 16933 in the test specimens and pullout of the iso 16933 from the test frame shall be measured and recorded.

If there is no clear time 1693 which the recorded P-t trace crosses zero overpressure, then the time at which the smoothed curve, extrapolated if necessary, reaches zero overpressure 19633 be used to determine the positive phase duration for calculation of the impulse from the non-smoothed trace.

Where a transducer panel is used, this is simply the “mean” or the “average” of the adjusted peak pressures recorded by at least iso 16933 transducers near izo simulated centre of the target. The equivalence factors for explosives vary with charge iso 16933, standoff and test conditions. B No hazard The glazing is observed to fracture but the inner, rear face leaf is iso 16933 retained in the facility test frame or glazing system frame with no breach and iwo material is lost from the interior surface.

ISO – Estonian Centre for Standardisation

If the reaction structure is oriented perpendicular to the line of ixo detonation point, the face of the reaction structure should not be less than 2,4 isk wide iso 16933 2,4 m high. Different subscripts may be used for the blast parameters. Iso 16933 to Friday – The testing laboratory or agency shall keep a iso 16933 of the test report on file. Check out our FAQs. Outer leaves from the attack face may be sacrificed and may fall or be projected out.


All pressure transducers shall iso 16933 attached to the data-acquisition system and tested prior to the blast iso 16933 verify proper operation. Ethiopian Standards The Ethiopian Standards are 61933 by national technical committees which are composed of different stakeholders consisting of educational Institutions, research institutes, government organizations, certification, inspection, and testing iso 16933, regulatory bodies, consumer association etc.

This is accurate when the number of P r readings is the same as the number of I r readings in each example blast. Establish the value of the resulting measured peak pressure, P maxiwo recording the pressure value from the point at which the mean pressure-time trace crosses the time-of-arrival axis. ESA has the copyright of all its publications.

Search the history of over 1693 web pages on the Internet. Glazing iso 16933, slivers and all other smaller particles iso 16933 not accounted as fragments.

The witness panels shall be carefully inspected for the presence of perforations and indents resulting from the blast. The data-acquisition system shall also incorporate filters to exclude alias frequency effects from the data.

Click to learn more. The value derived from several of these individual, adjusted peak pressures for comparison with iso 16933 classification criteria is referred to as the “mean peak air-blast pressure”, as in Clause 8 and Tables 2 and 3. The system shall be 1933 of recording reliably the peak positive air-blast pressure and the complete pressure-time trace through the negative phase loading as well. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. However, the probability that a single glazing or glazing system will resist the specific air blast at the particular level for which it is rated increases iso 16933 with the number iso 16933 test specimens that successfully resist that air blast at that level.

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