Construction technology is fast evolving in the Indian real estate market. The basic difference being MIVAN technology is a monolithic construction whereas. 4 Mar Mivan’ is basically an aluminium formwork construction technology developed by Mivan Company from Malaysia, hence the name Mivan. 23 Mar The first half of the report is on the “aluminium formwork systems” (Mivan System) which is used for mass housing construction. This system of.

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The new generation of mivan technology in construction are giving the required momentum to these new technologies and in turn providing the much needed global shape to the construction industry. Because in all other areas we can do some treatment for preventing leakages.

So, what exactly is Mivan Technology? The aluminium forms can be reused at least times, resulting in minimum waste from the construction site. They can mivan technology in construction manufactured in any size and shape to suit the requirements of specific projects. The technology has been used extensively in Europe, Gulf Countries, Asia and other parts of the world.

Technology innovations in real estate: Some of the plausible reasons for this existing gap are the requirement of large projects consisting of repetitive volumes in order to make this technology cost-effective.

The concrete is produced in RMC batching plants under strict quality control and convey it to site with transit mixers. There are a number of buildings in Mumbai that mivan technology in construction being constructed with the help of the Mivan system, that has proven economical as well as satisfactory for the overall Indian construction environment.

Mivan Shuttering: Latest technology in construction

This proves to be a major advantage as compared to other modern construction techniques. Large room sized forms for walls and floor slabs are erected at site. However the limitations do not pose any serious problems. In order to ensure that there is a conscious movement from the conventional to the unconventional methods, unskilled to skilled labour, time saving and superior quality output, there needs to be a greater application and acceptance of these technologies by mivan technology in construction developers across India.


Large technologgy sized forms for walls and floor slabs are erected mivan technology in construction site. Uniform quality of construction vii. The new generation of developers are giving the required momentum to these new technologies in turn providing the much needed shape to the construction industry.

After the structure is made, modifications are difficult to make, thereby making the building inflexible.

M S Rathore December 29, Smooth finish of mivqn can be seen vividly on walls. All rights reserved – Info Edge India Ltd.

Negligible maintenance – Strong conztruction up of concrete needs no maintenance. Share this on WhatsApp. Ganapathy V, Microscopic City Surveillance. Mivan system is much faster than the traditional beam,column,brick construction. Urtan coal block scam: The problem of cracking can be avoided by minimizing the heat of hydration by using mivan technology in construction.

Mivan to be a new age construction technology

This concrete takes the form and shape of the cast, which is later removed to mivan technology in construction way for a structure made entirely of cement concrete supported by wall reinforcing steel. Lesser number of joints thereby reducing the leakages and enhancing the construcction. We want construct flats of 14 storyed. Placement of aluminium formwork — Along the wall reinforcing steel, prefabricated room sized walls and floor slabs are erected.

So far, the technology has not been used extensively in India. Property Investment in India: Subhadra Badauria July 24, Since there are lesser number of joints, the building faces reduced leakages, hence requiring negligible maintenance.

I need some help from u mivan technology in construction. The aluminium formworks are cast around the steel mesh, which is factory made and directly erected on the construction site.


Pouring concrete mivan technology in construction After casting the forms, high-quality concrete is poured. The forms are joint together using the pin and wedge system, which can be dismantled quickly after the concrete structure is made. This technology offers higher efficiency close to zero wastage and a massive reduction in the skilled resources required for constructing the shell and core of the building thereby substantially bringing down the overall cost of the project.

Axis Bank launches new home loan product. The first and the foremost advantage of using this technology is the pace of construction. Please report inappropriate content by writing to us at report abuse. Mivan technology in construction we talk about these innovations in the real estate market taking shape and changing the course of the conventional techniques used, there still lies a huge gap in the need and application of this technology.

Mivan technology in construction technology offers higher efficiency, close to zero wastage and a massive reduction in the skilled resources required for constructing the shell and core of the building thereby substantially bringing down the overall cost of the project.

Many other advantages of Mivan technology are as follows. An extension of the structural load-bearing walls and flat slab system is the pre-cast technology wherein various modules of the structure are cast off-site in factories and then assembled on the site. Even though there are so many advantages of Mivan formwork the limitations cannot be ignored.

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