(For SYSDRIVE 3G3MV Multi-function Compact Inverters). Cat. No. I01E-EN All OMRON products are capitalised in this manual. The word “Unit” is also. View and Download Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3MV SERIES user manual online. SYSDRIVE 3G3MV Series Multi-function Compact Inverter. SYSDRIVE 3G3MV. View and Download Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3MV setup manual online. SYSDRIVE 3G3MV Series Multi-function Compact Inverter. SYSDRIVE 3G3MV Inverter pdf.

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For example, if frequency reference 2 has been selected omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual multi-function input a multi-step speed referencethe set value in n omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual frequency omrln 2 will be changed simultaneously when the fre- quency reference is changed while the FREF indicator is lit.

Be sure to set the periods according to the application. Increment Key Increases multi-function monitor numbers, parameter numbers, 3g3mmv parameter set values. Maintenance Operations Chapter 8 Protective and Diagnostic Functions Fault Detection Fatal Errors The Inverter will detect the following faults if the Inverter or motor burns or the internal circuitry of the Inverter malfunctions.

Doing so may result in injury. Page Chapter 11 Using the Inverter for a Motor Slip Compensation Function Press the Enter Key.

Page Chapter 5 Basic Operation Value Function Description Up or down Up or down command set in n only command By setting n to 34, the set value in n is ignored and the following settings are forcibly made. The default setting for this parameter is inveerter standard leakage inductance of the maximum applicable motor.

The maximum frequency in n or the frequency reference omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual limit in n, whichever is smaller. Not doing so may result in electrical shock or fire. Preparing for Operation and Monitoring Manuxl 3 Indicator Display Explanation sequence example If there is a parameter set value that does not coincide, the parameter number will flash.


The output current of the Inverter is comparatively high. For example, the rated torque of the motor and capacity may be limited to eight hours of omroj if the inscription on the motor states that the sysdgive is rated for eight hours. U Output power Monitors the output power of the Inverter see note U Accumulated x10H Monitor the accumulated operating time in hour omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual.

Always separate the control signal line from the main circuit cables and other power cables.

If that should occur, use this section as a reference and apply the appropriate measures. Dsr Message And Response Omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual Chapter 7 H Creating a Sequence 1. Click on New Protocol with the left button of the mouse. The Inverter in energy-saving control adjusts the output voltage by using the ideal calculated value so that the actual output power will be minimum. The maximum output voltage of the Inverter is determined by the voltage of input into the Inverter.


Set n for the pulse train input scale to the pulse train frequency that is equivalent to the maximum frequency FMAX. Page Chapter 6 Advanced Operation S Measurement of T Measure the required time seconds between the point of intersection omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual the tangent line and time axis and the point of intersection of the tangent line and set point line.

ON Multi-function input terminal 3 S3 1: Not doing so may result in injury. H Self-diagnostic Test Steps 1. The wires may not contact well with the control circuit terminals if the wires are soldered. Single-phase omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual V AC See note 1.

Frequency reference Invertfr speed Multi-step speed Multi-step speed Multi-step speed reference 1 reference 2 reference 3 reference 4 Set value: The DC reactor used with the AC reactor suppresses harmonics more effectively. Multi-function contact output Multi-function input invedter Multi-function omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual 2 Multi-function omron sysdrive omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual inverter manual 3 Common Multi-function input 4 Multi-function input 5 Multi-function photocoupler output Furthermore, set the Inverter to this mode if the Inverter is connected to two or more motors or special motors, such as high-speed motors.

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In particular, the continuous operation of an oil-lubricated motor in the low speed range may result in burning. Doing so may result in injury.


ON Multi-function input invertef 1: If, how- ever, more than one motor is operated with one inverter or a multi-polar motor is used, always install a thermal relay THR between the Inverter and the motor and set n to 2 omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual thermal protection. If the Inverter has a communications failure, omron sysdrive 3g3mv inverter manual the steps provided below to check whether the communications function of the Inverter is normal.

Chapter 7 Communications Repeat The number N of times to repeat the step is set within a range from 0 to Page 73 Chapter 2 Design Note To satisfy LVD requirements, the Inverter must be protected with a line breaker in case a short-cir- cuiting accident occurs. Design Chapter 2 Cable length 50 m max. Therefore, data must be set in 8-bit blocks for communications.

Refer to this chapter to use the various advanced functions, such as precise vector con- trol setting, energy-saving control, PID control, carrier frequency setting, DC injection braking, stall prevention, overtorque detection, torque compensation, and slip com- pensation.

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