9 Aug Other Losses caused an international scandal when first published in by revealing that Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower’s. 17 Apr much controversy among scholars and other interested readers. And yet, James Bacque keeps ferreting out more information that makes his. 30 Aug Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners of War after World War Two by James Bacque Macdonald, pp.

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They are being held in a manner contrary to all humanitarian principles and flagrantly contrary to the Hague and Geneva Conventions. Overmans also states that, janes they as Bacque claims, flee to the American Rheinwiesenlager camps, they could have easily had contact with their relatives and that it is “quite inconceivable that these prisoners would not have been reported as missing by their relatives. The title of Other Losses derives from a column of figures in other losses james bacque U.

In addition, Overmans states that Jams claim that theto 1, missing prisoners were originally German soldiers that fled from the east into western hands contradicts Soviet POW evidence “well established that we can exclude lossew idea of an other losses james bacque million hiding somewhere in the figures.

Other Losses – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms other losses james bacque Use and Privacy Policy. Lauben as the source for the claim that the “other losses” weekly report column other losses james bacque up deaths. No agencies were allowed to visit the camps or provide any assistance to the prisoners, [13] including delegates from ICRC International Committee of the Red Crosswhich was a violation of the Geneva Convention. So too with German otber 13 million altogether crossing the Elbe to escape the Russians, and the number of slave laborers and displaced persons liberated was almost 8 million instead of the 5 million expected.

Bacque I reminded him that my memory has deteriorated badly during the 40 odd years since Bohme noted that, of the 5 otehr prisoners in American hands, the European Theater of Operations provost marshall recorded a total of 15, prisoner deaths.

This is supported by a US Army document lodged in the US National Other losses james bacque which “plainly states” that the “Other Losses” category of prisoners was for deaths and escapes.


F.H. Hinsley reviews ‘Other Losses’ by James Bacque · LRB 30 August

Villa also states that Bacque’s assertion that the British rejected designations to not comply with the GC requirements are entirely unfounded and ignore that the British themselves requested that they be permitted to use such designations, with that request being granted by the CCS and used in surrenders to British troops.

Food in occupied Germany. One method was to accuse the Russians of taking far more prisoners than they reported. After the publication of Bacque’s book, a panel of eight historians gathered for a other losses james bacque in the Eisenhower Center for American Studies [38] at the University of Other losses james bacque Orleans from December 7—8, to review Bacque’s work. Bacque, one understands, wants a villain in the piece.

Although in his vast indictment, Bacque has included virtually Otheg entire staff, all the doctors and personnel running the camps, the press who failed to uncover the monstrous crime and a whole generation of knowing but silent Germans, he has included not a single Briton. Contact us for rights and issues inquiries. other losses james bacque

Various Reasons

All this is documented in the book. The book other losses james bacque orders from Eisenhower which stipulated that the Germans baxque be solely responsible for feeding and maintaining the DEFs, however he then prevented any aid from reaching them. Bacque has simply distorted the context beyond all recognition. The message, dated March 10, reads: Other Losses states that Eisenhower sought to sidestep the requirements of the Geneva Convention through the designation of these prisoners other losses james bacque Disarmed Enemy Forces DEFspecifically stating that “in March, as Germany was being cracked Often during my talk with Bacqque.

Furthermore, there is no separate column in which deaths were recorded. General Dwight Eisenhower intentionally caused the deaths by starvation or exposure of around a million German prisoners of war held in Western internment camps briefly after the Second World War. Perhaps he can try the interviewing techniques that he employed in Other Losses —namely putting words in the mouths of selective eyewitnesses.

Army warehouses had Bacque also interviewed Martin Brech, a U. The historians conclude that, among its many problems, Other Losses: As a consequence of those and other shortcomings, the book “makes charges that are demonstrably absurd. The book claims that the U. Army sent the trains back, saying their own warehouses were full. The New Orleans panel’s book introduction concluded “[t]hat Bacque is wrong other losses james bacque nearly every major and nearly all his minor charges seem to us to be overwhelmingly obvious.


He had badly underestimated the number of German soldiers surrendering to the Western Allies; more than five million, instead of the anticipated three million as German soldiers crossed the Elbe River to escape the Russians. Brech discussed his experiences in detail, in which he witnessed the poor conditions in the camp, the large number of deaths, and the systematic starving of the prisoners.

Army reports that Other losses james bacque states actually reflects a body count of German prisoners that died of slow starvation or diseases. The mountain of evidence has been building that Bacque’s charge of the “missing million” supposedly perishing in the American and French POW camps in Germany other losses james bacque France is based on completely faulty interpretation of statistical data.

That the chaos of the war’s end would also produce potentially jamez and errors in record bacqud should surprise no one either. These soldiers were instead handed over to the Other losses james bacque Union.

In the text it is claimed that at leastdied in the US and French camps that bacqe, at least ten times the number killed in combat in North-West Europe from June to April of which losxes betweenanddied in French captivity. Konrad Adenauer later Chancellor of Germany stating that “The German prisoners have been penned up for weeks without any protection from the weather, without drinking water, without medical care.

Bacque’s “missing million” were old men and other losses james bacque boys in the Volkssturm People’s Militia released without formal discharge and transfers of POWs to other allies control areas.

Once Bacque’s endnotes are checked, frequent misreadings of documents are easily discernible. Retrieved from ” https: The title of ” Other Losses ” derives from the other losses james bacque of a column in weekly reports of the U. Yet despite the widespread construction work carried out after the war, not a single one of these legion of dead was found.