23 Sep This tutorial demonstrates how to use Descriptive programming in your QTP scripts & its two type viz. Static and Dynamic. QTO UFT Descriptive programming (DP) is using by create descriptive object or Using set of properties and values directly in the statement. This article covers the basics of Descriptive Programming in QTP with the main So when you run the above code, QTP will try to find out the object properties . article with pictorial representation which i never seen any other tutorial sites.

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Please give me that code. EnterField I need to verify the table values.

QTP/UFT – Advanced Descriptive Programming

Sushma on November 20, at Hi, A great article for descriptive programming. Can you email me the screenshot of the object spy and the screenshot of the web browser when the error occurs? We are using QTP 9.

HI Anish, First of all need to thank for the article it was exceptional but at line 11 i. I am automating Oracle Apps. Please help Thanks Reply. Thank and Regards Shivanand H Reply. As I m learning new can anyone help on this: Ashok Kumar Sahoo on December 1, at Anonymous on September 12, at Please don’t stop your wonderful job at any cost.


QTP – Descriptive Programming

Anonymous on June 21, at Actually the Child object type is programmng known. Mahesh on July 25, at Can you check the following thing.

Cannot find the “[ WebEdit ]” object’s parent “[ Browser ]” [class Browser]. Note for advanced users: ChildObjects Will return all child objects for this page.

When and where is it used? Can desscriptive pls tell me about how to test frames and the objects in it. Your email address will not be published.

This article covers the basics of Descriptive Programming in QTP with the main aim to help you get familiarized with its basic syntax. Verify that this object’s properties match an object currently displayed in your application. Otherwise the test will throw run time error.

Descriptive Programming in QTP with Syntax : Part 1 – XX

When I am using browser. I tried recording but QTP is not identifying that control. For example, suppose you open google first and the open facebook after that in another browser.

I have several scripts which create objects on the fly and still run very fast. I drscriptive recieve the similar error, and one more think i observed is when I tried to spy on Web Element for “html id” value is blank. Anonymous on May 7, at Aakriti Gandotra on November 1, at To answer ur questionu can use Visual relation identifier. How to schedule a Test Batch Runner to run the script automatically without user intervention to press key F5? If you run the test again it will fail since it can not recognize the object.


Hi Ankur, Your blog regarding descriptive programming is very good and given me a good picture abt DP. Hi Is it possible to count number of objects in the web page and then tab through them using DP?

Anonymous on December 13, at Click ‘Close browser GoogleBrowser. Can any one include Ankur, explain how DP can be used in Reports? Please send me a sample mock paper. If anybody have the solution apart from Ankur please help me.

Set “automation repository” ‘Click on Search button Browser “title: Set “abc” The test run cannot continue due to a syntax error.

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