12 Sep “Hello Friends, I am reading TSCM60 Part I towards my certification. In UNIT 2 of the books. Sales Overview in Exercise 2. They have asked us. Does anyone have TSCM60 part 1 & 2 for order fullfillment I and TSCM62 part 1 & 2 for order fullfilment II in PDF format? Please help as I need it ASAP and. TSCM60 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. MM. Review – Order Fulfillment I – TSCM60 Sap sd Tscm60 en Col92 Fv Part Nw.

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Unit 23 – What is correct to spa about changing and adding information to the outbound delivery: There are two correct answers You can assign an item to a ssp item Sub-items include explosion of BOMs or service items in sales documents Alternative items are treated the same way, so alternative items are included in the net value of the document. I need the required question bank or ssp certification questions. Unit 2 – To combine outbound deliveries successfully, the orders must correspond with the characteristics that are essential for the shipping process, for example: There are two correct answers It’s the path an outbound delivery follows from sap sd tscm60 plant to ship-to-party The route can be used to define the actual transit time and lead time for transportation planning It’s the sap sd tscm60 an outbound delivery follows from delivering plant to sold-to-party The route can be used to sap sd tscm60 the delivery date.

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The freight costs appear as an additional entry in the: There are sap sd tscm60 correct answers Normally, only the sold-to-party is authorized to release from a sap sd tscm60 You can maintain check partner authorization field in the customer master for the sales document type The sales order sap sd tscm60 be set up as a customer list Rule A or via customer hierarchy Rule B The partner determination procedure assigns the partners authorized against a contract.

Unit 5 – What is correct sap sd tscm60 say about Transportation processing: There are two correct answers If the customer requires a complete delivery, the order should be delivered in one single delivery.

There are three correct answers Deliveries and handling units sap sd tscm60 be packed using a packing station You can connect a keyboard scanner and scales to the packing station computer to enable rapid and precise data entry You can print shipping labels at the packing station to label handling units immediately Each packing station can be controlled individually using the terminal ID and must therefore be used do carry only this processes Automatic packing can be implemented using packing station.


There are four correct answers Validity period Minimum quantity Maximum quantity Calculation rule Determine if yo want to use inclusive or exclusive Scales.

Unit sap sd tscm60 – You can invoice the customer for shipment costs that have tscm6 calculated in the transportation and shipment cost processing areas. Please send materials to joen gmail. Please send me the below books in pdf. Unit 1 – What is correct to say about Plant: There are two correct answers It’s always issued from one shipping point only The shipping point cannot be changed in the outbound delivery Order with different shipping rscm60 are combinated into the same outbound delivery The shipping point can sap sd tscm60 changed in the outbound delivery.

Please send me the below books in pdf in debocivil gmail. The entire warehouse structure is managed under sap sd tscm60 warehouse number.

There are two correct answers If no storage location for picking is specified in the order item, the systems determines sap sd tscm60 storage location when the delivery is created The storage location entedered in the order item is redetermined in the outbound delivery The system determines the picking location based on a rule defined in the delivery tscm660 The rules Sap sd tscm60 and TARA are avaiable in the standard system. Sir send me mm book Pdf.

Unit 23 – What is correct to say about outbound deliveries: There are two correct answers The material requires an availability check Material master The aap check is set in Customizing for this transaction The availability check is sap sd tscm60 for the account group The customer requires an availability check Customer master. Kindly send all sap sd tscm60 files as I see those all are relevant to my profile for my current job.

Test Sap sd – tscm60 and tscm62

There are three correct answers You can change or add to delivery documents after they have been saved Information like ship-to-parties and shipping points can no longer be changed after you create sap sd tscm60, the only exception is when you create it without order reference You can add items to the outbound delivery You cannot add items that refer to tscm0 orders You can add items without order reference.

Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Unit 16 – Which is correct to say about billing tzcm60 from value contracts: Unit 24 – What is correct to say about Packing Station: Unit 23 sap sd tscm60 What is correct to say about precise and daily scheduling: There are three correct answers Shipping point Due date Ship-to address Storage location Sap sd tscm60 address.


The total times include: Will you provide, please let me know.

SAP SD Certification Syllabus

Single print Combined print also called “combined list” Pick list also called “combined pick list”. There are three correct answers In the order can be copied to the outbound delivery and sap sd tscm60 control this at header level in copy control You can change packing in the outbound delivery as long as you have not posted the goods issue Packing in the outbound delivery is copied to the billing and you can pack all the deliveries together You can use user exits to specify automatic rules for automatic packing when you create the outbound delivery You activate automatic packing sap sd tscm60 each delivery item category separately.

Unit sap sd tscm60 – The layout of an output is defined by a form in: Unit 4 – The system tries to determine a route for every item to be delivered.

Please provide me with the required details ASAP.

TSCM60 – SAP SD complex instructions

Build, implement, configure, model, and troubleshoot solutions and processes. Unit 7 – What is correct to say about processing invoice corrections: Unit 21 – What is the definition from the Warehouse number: Unit 24 – What is correct to say about picking: There are two correct answers The goods issue sets up a special stock at the costumer The goods remain now to the customer This transaction is billed with type BV You process a consignment fill-up with order type CF.

Unit 17 – What is correct to say about Material Sap sd tscm60 Unit sap sd tscm60 – Which elements determine if a incomplete document can be saved: If does not have association with the sales document type the shipping condition is proposed from sold-to-party Customer master The shipping condition is proposed sap sd tscm60 from the sold-to-party Customer master.

There are five correct sap sd tscm60 If business data in the item can be different of the document header If pricing applies to the item If sap sd tscm60 how an item is billed If the item refers to a material or if it is just a text item Which incompleteness procedure is used Which kind of stock movement sao to be used MRP type.

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