CASE REPORT. Meigs’ syndrome with elevated CA case report. Síndrome de Meigs com CA elevado: relato de caso. Sabas Carlos Vieira; Leonardo. 31 Dec Meigs’ syndrome is diagnosed based on a triad of an ovarian fibroma, A Demons of Bordeaux, France, gave a report to the Société de. 4 Apr We present a case of Meigs’ syndrome due to right ovarian fibroma with elevated CA .. Síndrome de Meigs: presentatión de dos casos.

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November 11, Last received: The patient underwent explorative laparotomy followed by a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingooophorectomy. Elevated CA in Meigs syndrome. Postgrad Med J ;74 Fibroma of the ovary with ascites and hydrothorax: Check for errors sindromd try again. However, patients with Meigs’ syndrome can also have elevated serum CA levels. It is thought that the occurrence of pleural effusion is secondary to the passage of ascitic fluid to the pleural space through the diaphragm or diaphragmatic lymph vessels which are more common on the right side [ 10 ].

The patient was interned and submitted to pleural drainage and biopsy that indicated non-specific chronic pleurisy. Chest radiograph showing left-sided pleural effusion. The patient was discharged from our Center after 20 days. Retrieved from ” https: Serum CA levels in preoperative evaluation of pelvic masses. Fibroma of the ovary with ascites and hydrothorax: A continuous process exists of filtration of liquid from the capillary vessels to the space subpleural, and give there to the cavity pleural.


The exact pathogenesis of the ascites is still unknown. Am J Obstet Gynecol. Jacobs I, Bast RC. Meigs syndrome with elevated serum CA The right adnexum presented a ,eigs, semi-solid tumor with a smooth surface measuring approximately 12 x cm, unadhered to neighboring organs.

Meigs’ Syndrome with Elevated Serum CA Case Report and Review of the Literature

Only 14 cases of Meigs’ syndrome with elevated CA levels have been described in the literature. The pathophysiology of ascites in Meigs syndrome is speculative. Uterine leiomyoma associated with ascites and hydrothorax. On radiological examination, pleural effusion is observed. World J Surg Oncol.

Meigs’ Syndrome with Elevated Serum CA125: Case Report and Review of the Literature

In addition, it is found in mesothelial cells of the pleura, pericardium and peritoneum. To quiz yourself on this article, log in to see multiple choice questions. Shaw’s Textbook Of Gynaecology, 15e. Hypertension Control in Pregnancy. This df has been cited by other articles in PMC. The serum CA level on the 4 th postoperative day was Slight pain was caused on its mobilization.

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Rev Pneumol Clin ; The patient didn’t present any other symptoms. Case report and review of the literature. A prop d’un cas avec tumeur ovarienne de la granulose. The pathophysiology of ascites in Meigs syndrome is speculative.

Jeffrey B Garris, MD is neigs member of the following medical societies: The etiology of pleural effusion is unclear.

Abstract An elevated serum CA level in association with a pelvic mass, pleural effusion, and massive ascites usually signifies a dismal prognosis in a postmenopausal woman. On gynecological examination, a uterus of normal form, size and consistency, the left adnexum was without alteration on examination.

Sonography of ovarian thecomas. Global cancer statistics, Meigs, ovarian tumours, ultrasound. Share Email Print Feedback Close. Skip to main content.

The following four characteristics were selected by Meigs in to define the syndrome:. In Meigs and Cass alerted the medical profession on the importance of the syndrome. Meigs’ syndrome presenting as haemorrhagic pleural effusion. Ovary preservation in the treatment of childhood Meigs syndrome.

This condition disappears after removal of the pelvic tumor. Meigs’ syndrome with an elevated CA from benign Brenner tumors. Efskind and Terada et al theorize that ascitic fluid is transferred via transdiaphragmatic lymphatic channels.

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