Tietze () described a condition of painful Tietze found no other abnormal findings, and the .. Se relatan tres casos de sindrome de Tietze, incluyendo. 18 Sep Tietze Syndrome: When Chest Pain Is Not a Heart Attack. Clin Exp Rheumatol. Jul-Aug;8(4) Tietze’s syndrome: a critical review. Aeschlimann A(1), Kahn MF. Author information: (1)Clinique de.

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Essentials of Diagnosis and Treatment. All studies receiving U. Tietze syndrome usually affects older children and young adults.

You’re most likely to get Tietze syndrome if you’re an older child or young adult under the age of Treatment is aimed at the underlying cause of the pain.

Tietze syndrome

Imamura M, Imamura ST. The exact cause is not known idiopathic. An aching, gripping, sharp, dull, or neuralgic pain occurs in this area.

Views Read Edit View history. The main presentation of the syndrome is significant, acute pain in the chest, along with tenderness and some swelling of the cartilages affected, which is commonly palpable on examination.

Tietze syndrome usually only affects a small area of the chest while a heart attack covers the whole chest. This pain usually occurs after sudden movement of the body, such as sneezing, coughing, laughing or straining. Tietze syndrome is not the same as costochondritis. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Chest pain in focal musculoskeletal disorders. This article needs additional citations for verification.

However, because codeine can be habit forming, it is generally only prescribed when Toradol or other analgesics have failed to provide sufficient relief. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Med Clin North Am. Your doctor will probably do a physical exam which could involve pressing on your chest.

Síndrome de Tietze – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

sindroke Sternocostals and interchondral articulations. Spinal root lesions or compression can cause chest pain in the form of a deep, boring, aching discomfort, or a sharp sudden and piercing pain.

Resources You can find out more about Tietze syndrome and about joint diseases and childhood disorders from sindgome organizations: In costochondritis, there is no swelling. Tietze’s syndrome is not thought to be an inherited condition [6] and it affects males and females equally.

Chest wall pain is a general term given to several conditions characterized by anterior chest pain. The pain associated with Tietze syndrome may worsen due to sneezing, coughing, or strenuous activity or exercise.

It can occur by overexertion or by an injury or trauma to teitze thorax.

Most cases occur before the age of 40, most often during the second or third decade of life. In some cases, the pain may be perceived as 10 to 20 times more painful than normalized costochondritis.

Sometimes, the development of the disorder may be preceded by chronic, excessive coughing, vomiting, trauma or impact to the chest, viral or bacterial infections, or surgery to the thoracic area. Clinical presentation and chiropractic treatment of Tietze syndrome: Standard Therapies Treatment In some cases, pain associated with Tietze syndrome resolves itself without treatment. This is because it may interact with medication you’re already taking, or make simdrome health conditions worse.

In some instances, certain forms of malignant lymphoma can cause chest pain and swelling similar to that in Tietze syndrome.

Tietze Syndrome – NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)

Some say it feels like being stabbed with a knife. Tietze syndrome can be hard to diagnose because the symptoms are like those of other problems besides a heart attack. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat In most people, the cartilage of only one rib is affected. The symptoms of Tietze syndrome usually aren’t serious and often will go away with no treatment. For more information about clinical trials conducted in Europe, contact: Alone we are rare.


For very painful and debilitating events, where the pain is unbearable or requires emergency care, Toradol is generally prescribed and administered by direct injection. The associated chest pain may present similarly to angina pectorisnormally associated with heart diseaseand can cause hyperventilationanxiety or panic attackssyncope passing outand temporary hypoesthesia numbness paralysisand due to pain high blood pressure or hypertension.

It is found more often in teens than adults.

Tietze’s syndrome: a critical review.

Sometimes Tietze syndrome happens as a result of having other things, such as psoriatic arthritis. Other treatments can help ease the pain and swelling.

You can only do this a couple of times without risking damage to your joint. SRB’s Manual of Surgery. Tietze syndrome was first described in the medical literature in by Alexander Tietze, a German surgeon. However, it can often be a chronic condition.

Comparisons may be useful for a differential diagnosis: It is characterized by pain of the chest wall that may spread radiate to surrounding areas.

Usually the second or third ribs are most affected. Kamel M, Kotob H. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI can show thickening and enlargement of affected cartilage.

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