23 May Krishnakarnamrutham krishna. Ocr language not currently OCRable. Ppi Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader Sri krishna. SRI KRISHNA KARNAMRUTHAM is a beautiful composition of verses describing leelas (past times) of Lord Sri Krishna. This develops prema bhakthi in the. Krishna Karnamrutham In Kannada: Source 1: | PDF Link | Text Link. ⇒ Krishna Karnamrutham In Gujarati: Source 1.

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Your face which kridhna complete with several crescents of sweet words, Can never be compared to the moon rising from the sea or to the lotus? Andholithagra bhujamakula nethra leelaa, Mardhra smithar dhrava vadanambhuja chandra bimbam, Sinjena bhooshana satham sikhi pincha moulim, Seetham vilochana rasayana mabhuyupaithi.


Let the youthfulness of Krishna, which is the prettiest in three worlds, Which is the ultimate of beauty and looks of love, Which is also visible to the deva maidens of the sky, And which is subject of the passionate glances of Vruja lasses, protect me.

Oh God who plays the lute, I keep on hunting for your face, Which is having, a big crop of hair, Which is decorated, by peacock feathers, Which has eyes, that keep on shifting, Which has red pretty lips, similar to Bimba [7] fruits, Which has a soft smile, which is similar to honey, And which at first look itself appears as generous. Oh Child of Vruja clan, may my eyes permanently see pretty form of yours, Whose eye brows are pretty and curved like the bow of the God of love, Whose eye brow hairs are thick, whose eyes which bear the devotion of devotes, And the passion of the Gopi maidens, who keeps shifting glances always, Whose indistinct prattle is ebbing with the essence of kindness, Whose lips which ooze out nectar are deep red in colour, Whose music coming out from the flute is heard permanently, And his body which is black like a dark cloud is bewitching the world.

According to some legends, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu discovered this work in Andhra on the last day of his visit to Andhra and assigned copying work to a dozen copyists, instructing them to copy it overnight. Let there be victory to that great light, Which has a slow, shining, pretty smile that is full of love, Which is coated with sweat, due to the love making with lasses of Vruja, Which has a respected, blessed and great lotus like face, Which has lips drenched by the slow smile, That is youthful and red like the rising moon, And which is the victory march of the doe eyed damsels.

Who ever would not desire that light desired by Gopis, Which uses pretty feathers of peacock as ornament, Which is blue in colour and is having the dazzle dear to the mind, Which has a form of pretty principle spread every where, Which is the rainy season for the lake called Lakshmi, Which attracts the mind of people interested only in play, Which has flowing nectar like ebb of series of plays, And which is the sweet heart of Gopis.

Hearing the prattle of the pretty Vruja maidens about their love play with you, When you were feigning to be asleep, you were struggling to stop the slow smile, With a wish to hear more of those stories, but you were not able to stop, Showing the standing erect of the hairs on your body and I pray you in that form.

When my soul is preparing to travel away, Let that Child Krishna who is interested, In the two breasts of the Gopa lasses, Slowly and slowly play the flute, And karnamutham before me in his form of love. The moon can become a light and take up the job, Of doing neerajanam [12] to your face,without any expectation for a long time.


Your child hood form is the most wonderful in the world, And that is why my infirm mind wishes to see it, And what should I do now to see that form shining with a flute, And having a very dear lotus like face and what austerities should I follow?

Who is the essence of sweetness, Who wanders in the streets of Mathura, Who is being worshipped by doe eyed maidens, With their blue lotus like eyes.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham – saranaagathi-margam

Oh wayfarers, please do not go by this path, For by the side of Bheemaradhi river stands a bad man, Who is nude, who is blue like new leaf of mango tree, Who is locking his hands behind his back, And who is capable of stealing your mind and wealth. So far, only the following webpages have spotted to contain this shrI krishNa karNAmRitamthat too without easy locating facilty. I salute the youthful phase of Lord Krishna, Who was capable of winning, God of love by his prettiness, Who was similar and so related to Clouds, Who was the lover of the lasses of Brindavan, Who used to appear with lot of ornaments, Who had a lotus like face which was smiling, Who had reddish lips which were full of sweetness, And was in the gate way of ebbing youth.

Let the nectar like stories of yours, That are tasty like juicy food for the blessed, Your not so suitable plays that you did with Radha, And the sweetest tunes from your flute, That came from the mischievous face of yours, Again and again flow in my mind without stop.

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam

The word karnamruta means nectar to the ears. Who will not want to see forever the sweet light of the God, Which has red lips, which has shifting eyes similar to a coward, Which is full of the wonderful kqrnamrutham that is full of joy, And which has the nectar of smile and has a face filled with joy.

Who is being decorated by torrential rain of happiness, And shining by the intense desire, Who is decorated by ebbing childish pranks, Who appears clearly in the mind of the holy souls, Who is an ornament for the gokula blessed with wealth, Who is great and is far beyond the reach of words, Who is like a sea for happiness and is shining, And who cannot be adequately described by any one. I pray Krishna who has the prime beauty of childhood, Who is of the colour of the blue cloud, And runs about, with tinkling karna,rutham of the leg, With forehead, is decorated with a dot, With golden belt on karnarmutham to which jingling bells are tied, And With a garland with a nail of tiger on karrnamrutham neck, In the melee of hoards of cows being milked by several people.

Seek,the Lotus like eyes granting desires to devotees, Rkishna like heart which is full of mercy. I meditate in the morning the butter Thief Krishna, Who woke up in the morning due to sound of churning curds, Who has a very fresh and pretty face at the end of the sleep, Who has a faultless body which is sweet to the mind, And who has a set ofbewitching eyes which are like just opened lotus flowers.

Let my mind be the playing arena of the sweet lips, The young reddish broad eyes, filled with mercy, The chest filled with emotions on hugging the breast of Rukhmani, And the music of his flute,which makes the minds of sages weak. Oh God of love, do not live in my mind, Where only Lord Krishna can live, For without notice, he would come there, And he may not tolerate your living in his house!


When would I be able to see the lotus faced strange boy, Who has a face which is pretty due to his smile, Who is being more and more appreciated by, The lotus like mind with great joy, Who is being drunk by the youthfully exuberant lasses of Vruja. This great work was composed by Sage Leela Shuka according to the last sloka of the first chapter. Please depend on the young boy, With smell of new butter in his face, With smartness of a thief in his words, With false flowing tears in his eyes, And with pretty dancing steps in his feet.

Let us be made happy by that lord, Who defeats nectar about its sweetness, Who is very pretty with the smile showing his mercy, Who gives satisfaction to the eyes of Gopis, And who is the place of origin of Goddess Lakshmi. Let us be protected by the incomparable light, Which hides as it is tightly embraced by the breasts of Gopis, Who are interested in music and dressing up, Which is being worshipped by the pleasure of their love play, And which is interested in wandering in the sand dunes of Yamuna.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham

Being the one who keeps on moving his eye brows, As per the beat of clapping and play by the young girls, Being the one who plays flute along with songs by Gopis, The son of Devaki katnamrutham flute extremely well. If you are pleased with me, What is the use of good behaviour, If you are not pleased with me, Then what is the use of good behaviour, For krixhna a lady has love from her husband, What sr the need for decoration with Kumkum, flowers etc, And if the lady does not have love from her husband What is the need for decoration with Kumkum, flowers etc.

Maadhuryadhapi madhure, Manmadha thathasya kimapi kaisoram, Chapalyadhapi chapalam, Chetho mama harathi hantha kim karma?.

Even in my future births, let all my body parts.

Varadachari Sadagopan’s article at Sadagopan. When would I be able to see Krishna, Who has very broad eyes, Who appears like a child to the eyes, Of the damsels with narrow hips, And who is the blue moon got by the, New sea of fame, obtained by Yasodha. Let my mind play with the son of Nanda gopa who is the secret lover of gopis, Who is the thief stealing butter from the pot and a sun to the lotus eyes of Lakshmi. Maara swayam nu madhura dhyuthi mandalam nu, Madhuryameva nu mano nayanamrutham nu, Vaneemra janu mama jeevitha vallabho nu, Baloysmabhyudhyathe mama lochanaya.

Please meditate on the lotus like feet of Lord VishnuWhich wears the gem studded anklets making sound in Vruja, Which is like a pretty lotus blessed by Lakshmi in the pond, Which is filled by the musical sound of the royal swans. I worship Krishna who enjoys music from flute, Who moves his blue lotus like eyes sideways, Who has the bud like lips divided in to two, And who moves his fingers with the speed of the notes. When my soul is leaving the body, let the God be there, Who keeps his feet differently, who decorates his hair with peacock feathers, Who keeps the holes of the flute in his slightly bent face, Who is greatly merciful and who is of the form of light.

Baloya malola vilochanena, Vakthrena chithrikrutha dingmukhena, Veshena goshachitha bhooshananena, Mugdhena dugdhenayanothsavam na.

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