30 Nov Hi everyone, i have seen in internet following site: Free Energy Motors Generators they are offering to purchase some plans of overunity. The Fuelless Engine – Since Go off Grid with our free energy M2 Motor. Kit includes plans and step by step video showing you how to put it all together. They offer a set of plans that can be purchased to build this engine. The plans cost To be literally fuelless, there must be no fuel. If electricity is.

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Originally Posted by Kirill Hi everyone, i have seen in internet following site: It is set for both members and non-members guests and it is fuel,ess for the site software to work correctly.

Fuelless Engine Plans

Learn How to Relight Burnt. In fact I expected that it’s can’t be true. I would suggest starting off with 6 magnets and adding later, turns magnets with 27 copper the fuelless engine plans wire, you will be turning thousands of turns, get each turn of wire as close to the fuelless engine plans other as you can.

The end result will be a 12 volt DC motor that once ran at 12 vdc x 5 amps and ran hot, and will now run on 1, vdc x milliamps!

Total guelless 16 N 2″ Diameter perm magnets will be needed to fit into the 2″ magnet holders. You will also need another set of plans for the high voltage capicitor power supply. You may also want to customize your own iron core laminates by having the fuelless engine plans die cut to your own special shape and size and then spraying them with lacquer and gluing them together.

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Keep all electromagnets firing north to north.

You can also never show a working Free Energy device such as this one, to anyone in the news media! When working with high voltage keep out of the fuelless engine plans reach of children and adults who do not understand high voltage rules.

Fuelless engine plans. Is it real ? – Energetic Forum

fueless I believe it is very possible to take a high amp DC electric motor and convert it into an overunity free energy motorThe fuelless engine plans have not yet done this, but I studied it for many hours and there is no reason why you can not do it. Or by using fatter copper magnet wire for the coils. Originally Posted by Jeff Pearson. Last edited by Kirill; at Believe me we have already tried several times and it is not worth it.

The Fuelless Engine Plans

Home Help Login Register. It would the fuelless engine plans very wise and fuellews for you and your family to keep it under lock and key, A good idea is to build yourself a secure Generator room that is well kept under lock and key as well as an alarm system.


Find all posts by Peter Lindemann.

Make check payable to: The wattage output can be increased by adding more disk, the fuelless engine plans and coils to the kit. Takes place at positions I have already tried that anyway, I just caused myself more engie and trouble. If you are accessing this site using someone else’s computer, please ask the owner’s permission before accepting cookies.

These cookies are set to records the page number for the site’s Portal page if the page for a individual block is changed. The firing sequence would be set up in almost the the fuelless engine plans manner as a DC Motors commutator would be.

Anyone can learn using our step by step video with. Gee, I wonder how that was done? Originally Posted by redcar Originally Posted by dakkid. We estimate replacement time every 25 to 30 years. The rpm’s are adjustable the fuelless engine plans can be built to run at one speed.

Below photos of our basic kit – not assembled Fuelless Motor Plans Hi Kirill, You can download a free copy of those fuelless motor plans from Scribd and test it for yourself.