22 May Turgo Turbine was developed Gilkes Energy Company in The design of this impulse water turbine is inspired from Pelton turbine. The Gilkes Turgo Turbine is one of three turbines that comprise the Gilkes range of hydroelectric power systems. Characteristics of WKV Turgo turbines: Closes the gap between Francis, Crossflow and Pelton turbines; Head range 50 m; Output up to 10, kW; Single.

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Dam List of conventional hydroelectric power stations Pumped-storage hydroelectricity Small hydro Micro hydro Pico hydro.

Pelton and turgo turbines – Renewables First

Originally designed and patented by Gilkes, the first ever Turgo turbine was installed in Scotland in The angel of water jet also plays an important role in this regard. The Turgo Turbine is an impulse machine, using nozzles to direct a rapid jet of water towards. Turgo turbine can handle faster water jet effectively due to its unique bucket design. A Turgo runner looks like a Pelton runner split turbins half. This means that a Pelton turbine itself is generally easier to install than an equivalently-powered Kaplan turbine, but Pelton turbines need a high pressure water supply from a penstock pipe, and designing and installing the penstock pipe is normally more challenging and is more expensive than the turbine.

Due to the fine bar-spacing they also exclude all but the tiniest debris which ensures minimum wear on the turbine. The runner of Turgo turbine is the half slice of Pelton turbine.

What is the physical size of hydropower systems? This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Turgo Turbines – Turbinesinfo – All About Turbines

As with turbone equipment of outstanding performance or design, attempts have been made to copy the Gilkes Turgo Impulse turbine but only Gilkes can back the design with over 90 years of manufacturing, installation and servicing experience.

Will my scheme need an environmental licence or planning permission? We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Not yurgo relevant in a turbine section of the website, but worth mentioning is that modern Pelton and Turgo turbine systems almost exclusively use coanda intake screens. Then a turgo turbine can be equipped with either two, four or six jet nozzles placed around the turbines runner and blades extracting more kinetic energy from the water before too much water splash interference occurs reducing its efficiency.


Note the flow, head, and any other significant characteristics to ensure that we deliver the perfect machine for your site. In a Turgo, the runner is less expensive to make than a Pelton Wheel and does not need an airtight housing like the Francis. The first step to develop any small or micro hydropower site is to conduct a full feasibility study.

Are there Feed-in Tariffs or grants available for hydro schemes? Second, it doesn’t need an airtight housing like the Francis. Figure 10 — A large Coanda intake screen. This jet of turblne is then directed at an thrbine of about 20 degrees towards the turbines internal water wheel which uses spoon-shaped blades to capture the jet of water.

The spear-jet adjusts the flow rate through the turbine by moving back and forth which moves the head of the spear into and away from the nozzle, varying the flow area and therefore the flow rate. For this reason it is normally made from tungsten carbide which is incredibly hard and able to resist erosion, and even then is designed to be easily replaceable during servicing. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Which hydro turbine types do we supply?

The TSS sizing table will help you pick, or. In some cases, Turgo turbine can even provide better efficiency than Pelton turbine due to its ability to handle the faster flow of water. It is best suited for small, medium or high head sites.

Turgo Turbines

For more information turbkne Turgo Turbines and how to generate your own electricity using the power of water, or to obtain more hydro energy information about the various impulse turbine designs available, or to explore the advantages and disadvantages of using hydro energy, then Click Here to order your copy from Amazon today about how to build a water turbine generator and other types of Hydro Turbine Designs.


The high speed water jet is then directed on the turbine blades which deflect and reverse the flow. Can I generate using an old water mill? Gilkes are the leading hydroelectric turbine manufacturer in the UK for projects up to 20MW.

How Francis Turbine Works? Note the flow, head, and any other significant characteristics. They can handle a higher flow rate than a physically similar-sized Pelton turbine and the rotor is slightly cheaper to manufacture. Figure 7 — Water turbone impinging on turbins rotor of a Turgo turbine. Can I use hydro off-grid and be independent? Turgo turbine designs represent an improvement in the available shaft power compared to conventional water wheels and other impulse turbine designs.

The Turgo Turbine Design

Through many decades of development and refinement Gilkes have improved the original designs. They are generally less expensive to make and with multiple nozzles can handle a greater flow of water, so a smaller turgo turbine can generate the tjrgo amount of power as a larger water wheel.

The main difference between the Turgo and Pelton turbine is the design of runner buckets.

How much does a hydropower system thrgo to operate? This increase in the number of water jet nozzles means that the Turgo Turbine can operate under low-head and low-flow conditions.

Turgo turbines are reported to be reliable, robust and able to operate efficiently over a range of flow rates. The Turgo turbine is an impulse water turbine designed for medium head applications.

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