A-E, Request for Examination. 6/1/ PDF. kb. 5-E, USMEPCOM Time and Attendance Record Sheet. 12/12/ PDF. 19 kb. 1 Feb The USMEPCOM Form A-E is the first and most important document completion procedures can be found on A-E Instructions. 12 Sep This issuance prescribes the USMEPCOM Form (UMF) A-E, *This regulation supersedes USMEPCOM Regulation , May 2,

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If YES is selected in item 16a: Professional Nursing G A diploma usmepclm an accredited 3-year hospital school of nursing program. TA pulling high school test will enter nine 0s. Services – Enter an X if the applicant is required to take a special purpose test. Services – Enter the number of years of formal education successfully completed and the highest grade of formal education completed.

Services – Enter an X if the applicant is taking a 1-month retest retest 1 month after initial test based on calendar days.

usmepcom 680

Submitted applications without copies of verification documents, unanswered questions, omitted dates, omitted. Thank you for requesting information on The Ogburn School, where you can earn a high school diploma through convenient usmepcm study.

Services – If yes, enter applicant s valid driver s license number list state, number, and expiration date as assigned by the Driver s License Bureau.

High School Senior S An individual attending high school as usmepcim senior. The Continuing Education Specialist. This information is only required when a UMF A-E is submitted for initial and 6880 subsequent medical examination tests. On personal visits, individual should provide acceptable identification such as valid driver’s license, employer identification card, building pass, etc.

All mailings will be sent to the address you indicate below; if you change your address, you must advise this office. The digit code will be IAW the Department s data element standard. Completion of this data block is optional; usmepdom, the sponsoring Service s ability to perform marketing analysis is hindered without this information.


A code identifying the enlistment qualification status of an individual being processed.

The third position Highest Grade Completed identifies the recognition given as a result of those years of formal education completed; the highest educational level or status attained by an applicant.

It may be staffed by either military or OPM personnel. If Medical Insurer Name provided, a complete address usmelcom requested.

Military Documents – National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy

In accordance with Consent to release application status More information. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Test scores will be invalidated for an applicant who had taken the enlistment Usmspcom test and were under the age of 17; normal retest policy applies.

Information Mission Elements Need Statement. The enlistment ASVAB is used solely for the examination of individuals specifically applying for enlistment. If Medical Provider Name is provided, a complete address is requested.

Legal Alien Allowed To Work. Start display at page:. Official mailing addresses are published as an appendix to the Army’s compilation of record system notices.

Open Competitive More information. Services – Enter an “X” in each applicable Item 7a 1 through 7a 5. The number of applicants per service per day that can be processed at the MEPS when peak capacity is reached. Services – Authorized-recruiting personnel must review for completeness and attest to the accuracy of the information provided by the applicant by signing.

An individual registered with the Selective Service System who has been inducted into the armed services. Students who do not meet one or more of the above requirements may be admitted as non-degree seeking.

YES must be selected if a medical examination is required for the applicant to enlist. Services Enter recruiting station ID five alphanumeric characters. System Information More information. Section I The publications needed to comply with this publication. If none, the applicant will sign their legal signature reference paragraph 1 General above to affirm they have no current medical insurer.


Explanation of abbreviations and terms Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary. Master’s Degree N A master s degree from an accredited traditional or online post-secondary institution. Users may read them to better. Apply for an original Social Security card Apply for a replacement. Test session that starts between the hours of and Services – Enter an X if the applicant is required to undergo some usjepcom form of medical processing i.

Individual should provide the full name, Social Security Number, and military status or other information verifiable from the record itself. Complete all sections even if enclosing a resume. High School Certificate of Attendance, Completion, or Special Education J An attendance-based 6800 school certificate issued to students based on an Individualized Education Program IEP that involves community experiences, ussmepcom, training, daily living skills and post-school transition skills which differ from the traditional high school graduation requirements.

Access to computerized data is by use of a valid user ID and password code assigned to the individual video display terminal operator. Any intentional action s or omission s or negligence into the performance of duty by a recruiter, which occurs during the processing of a prospect or applicant for enlistment and which result s in the attempted enlistment of a person who does not meet all established enlistment prerequisites. Test used to determine qualifications of applicants for specific occupational specialties.

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